With plenty of fads and trends available to choose from, weight loss can be a daunting endeavor. Carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals, calories, portions, all these labels can have your head spinning and still no closer to know what to do. Then there are the types of exercise regimens that you believe you have to explore to get the most and the quickest benefits. Don’t let the choices stress you out before you begin. If you’re interested in a supplement that truly works wonders on your body, Forskolin Dr Oz recently featured this product along with testimonials¬†from individuals who used it for better health.


The First Step
If you haven’t any idea what your physical condition is at the moment or you haven’t exercised in a while, then perhaps the first step in your road to a new you is checking with your doctor. If your couch has seen you more often than the doctor then you most definitely need to check on your physical status especially if the exercise that you want to engage in calls for a lot of physical exertion. However, taking a short stroll with your significant other may be a first step too.

As with anything that you are a novice at, moderation is the key. If you haven’t walked in a millennium, start out by walking a couple of houses down, especially if you’re particularly winded by doing so. Gradually work your way up to a block. You’ll find that it won’t be as challenging in a few weeks if you’re in reasonably good health.

This moderation also applies to the consumption of food. Examine what you have been eating and maybe keep a record. Most likely you’ve been eating the same thing week in and week out for years and have come to expect that pot roast on Sunday and the leftovers come Tuesday.


Keeping a Journal
If you’re a real stickler for good health and exercise habits, then keeping a written record of what you eat every week can help you. If you are not up to researching every calorie and ounce of fat that you consume, don’t worry. After following what you’ve been eating for a month or two, you may be able to make a connection between not fitting into your clothes this week as opposed to 3 weeks ago. Women in particular can figure out if they are closer to their menstrual cycle and the symptoms that can crop up before and after. That could easily explain the bloating factor in those snug pants as being the culprit as opposed to the ‘little’ extra helping of gravy that you had on Wednesday.

This journal can also be a big help in monitoring what supplements that you may want to include in your daily regimen. Any side effects or any benefits can more easily be tracked.